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STEMclouds started with one goal in mind – to research, identify, and bring to schools the very best, and most effective, educational technology solutions available in the industry with our core industry aligned training & support service model.

Integrated STEM Curriculum

Cross-curricular learning brings together interactive concepts from multiple disciplines versus keeping them in “silos”. It represents the real world where disciplines are not isolated.

CSR Programs

STEMclouds helps corporates reach out to the community to extend their services within the learning space. We do this by providing them with the expertise and our vast experience in the knowledge of successfully conducting educational programs that serve to inspire the children to think big and turn ideas into reality.

STEM Clouds
Online STEM Camp 2020

Learning experiences that are skills based is at the core of our STEM curriculum. It is a cross disciplinary approach that is problem-based, where students are encouraged to collaborate to solve problems. Teachers act as facilitators nurturing the essential life skills that equip each child to venture out into a future that is unpredictable… 

Introduction to the world of robotics. Learn the basic programming and electronic circuit concepts to building the robot. Explore each sensor and actuator’s capabilities by programming with Robotics to perform automated tasks.

Learn to code immersive, 3D virtual reality apps and games. Create VR Apps from scratch in this first-of-its-kind coding workshop specially for middle school and high school students.

Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Conversational Interfaces. Build your own intelligent Chatbots using AI development platform and the programming language.

Hands-on and minds-on STEM workshop designed to be fun and learning! Build confidence and self-esteem while constructing projects inspired by the excitement of Smart Cities. Camp designed for middle and higher school students want to explore science, technology, engineering, and math related projects.

Learn the Space Technology with the aim to motivate and educate middle and higher school stdudents in the fields of astronomy and science. Through simulations, it improves youth self-confidence, teamwork and communication skills.

Foundation course in 3D modeling by designing simple models, then watch them print out right during the workshop. Learn to operate and maintain 3D printer. You’ll take home everything you printed out and have the skills and tools to keep going.

Our workshop offers students understand correct and safe on-line behavior and how they can be good digital citizens, and improve teaching methods for delivery of cybersecurity content in K-12 curricula.

Our drone program include real-life application. Racing, Coding, Delivery, Search & Rescue, Mapping, Autonomous Flight, Photography, Visual Arts. Safe. Fun. Educational.

Learning to work on the concept of IoT in a fun way with electronics and the Arduino platform to code everyday applications and control them from anywhere.

At STEMclouds, we are a couple of education enthusiasts who are passionate about making learning experiences fun and exciting and want to help students transform their ideas into reality that meet the highest quality standards.